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Pastured Eggs

To provide healthy eggs, chickens require three items in their diet, grains, grass, and insects. The primary nutrient to make eggs healthy is grass. If the chickens lack grass, their eggs will have a pale yellow color indicating a lack of beta carotene. On pasture, the eggs will be almost orange in color. On grass the eggs will also have a health amount of Omega 3 which they will lack without grass. In the store you will find eggs marked "organic", "cage free", and "pastured".

If the eggs are labeled "organic" they will be free to see a small area outside the coup but will not necessarily have access to grass. If they are labeled, "cage free" they are likely living in a very crowed open area with no grass. The only way to get healthy eggs is to buy "Organic Pastured" eggs. The price on these eggs will be $7 or more per doz, never less at the store.

Here at the Flying J Farm, our chickens are on pasture during the day light all year. The grains that we give them were grown sustainably, (no herbicides or pesticides, no GMO) here at our farm. We grind up corn and wheat and cook soybeans for them to provide the necessary grain part of their diet. In the summer with green grass, the eggs have the highest level of healthy nutrients. In the winter they get less, but they also lay fewer eggs. So best to get your  eggs when the chickens are on green grass.

Eggs are $4.00 per Doz