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There is a shortage of organic farmers in the USA and yet the demand for organic food is growing. Here at the Flying J Farm we are doing our part to fill this gap through our internship program. Learning experiences include working in the organic garden and greenhouse, CSA, and farm market and, depending on interests, they could extend to other farm activities including constructing sustainable buildings, grass-based livestock production, hay and grain production, nature center, healthy cooking classes, alternative energy production, training others in horseback riding, woodland management, maple sugaring, healthy lifestyle workshops, and agri-tourism activities such as outdoor concerts, dinners, team-building workshops, open houses and weddings. The Farm Library is well-stocked with books on most of these topics to support your learning experience.

Primarily we are seeking interns who are willing and able to live and work on the farm for room and board with no additional stipend. Living facilities include a camper, the garden barn loft and an off-the-grid cabin located by the lake. The farm will provide the food but interns will share in food preparation. These activities have proven to be very enjoyable and great friendships develop among people who are patient with the foibles of others.

We have enjoyed bringing in cultures from around the world into our internship program. Through Helpx, WWOOF, and Workaway, many different countries have been represented here. Each brings an exciting and different perspective on life that has made the farm and our customers see sustainability from the point of view of others from around the world. Every intern who comes changes life here at the farm mostly for the better. Some have made changes that remain permanent.

The time-table for the internships include, maple sugaring and greenhouse plant starting in February and run through the growing season which ends around Thanksgiving. Shorter time periods may be worked out as well. If you are interested or know of someone who may be interested please call the farm at (740-967-4030) or email