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We have a small pond as well as the 6-acre lake, both stocked with bass and bluegill, visitors are welcome to enjoy fishing.


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Farm Visits

Since the beginning I have envisaged a place where people can come to enjoy the clean atmosphere of an organic farm. I encourage visitors and make them a priority. We have many tours, some are regular from the Environmental Studies program at Denison University, and many are just groups or individuals seeking to see what we are doing and to learn about organic farming. We encourage children including home school groups, classes from inner city schools, and church groups. Customers who come to buy our products are often given a tour depending on our availability. Occasionally we organize healthy cooking classes for the public but more often we do classes on request from organized groups. We enjoy hosting barn dances, parties, hayrides, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and cookouts for the public and for special groups.